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The problem of managing sold-out products in a store's inventory can indeed have a negative impact on customer experience and overall business performance. To address this issue and maintain customer interest, you have Jedi's 'Collection sort, push down sold-out' app.

Using an app to sort products with a layer-wise approach is a great idea to manage sold-out products and improve the customer experience. Placing sold-out products at the bottom of the sort layers helps ensure that available products are more prominently displayed while still allowing customers to access sold-out items if they are interested.

You can see the collection settings dashboard and applying sorting rules for the collections in the below screenshots.

Easily you can setup app for auto sorting and push down sold out products

1️⃣ Click on 'Edit Global settings' or 'Edit settings' collection level

2️⃣ Apply 'Sort order' by selecting options available in the dropdown.

3️⃣ Arrange 'Sorting layer', make sure 'out of stock products' is placed at the bottom, so that sold-out products are pushed down in the collections.

4️⃣ Set 'Sort frequency' to execute collection sort at the set frequency it may be daily, weekly or monthly.

5️⃣ Click on 'Save' button.

6️⃣ Click on 'Sort Now' button to sort collection at that moment of time.

7️⃣ Enable/disable collection sort as and when required.

Certainly, here are the key highlights and features of the app that focuses on managing sold-out products using a layer-wise sorting approach:

✅ Layer-Wise Sorting: The app utilizes a layer-wise sorting strategy to prioritize available products over sold-out items. This ensures that customers see in-stock products first, enhancing their shopping experience.

✅ Customizable Sorting: Allow users to customize the sorting order based on their preferences.

✅ Real-Time Updates: The app ensures that product availability is updated in real time. This prevents any discrepancies between product availability and what's displayed on the app, improving accuracy and customer satisfaction.

✅ Scheduled sorting: Set up automated triggers to initiate sorting updates at specific intervals it can be daily, weekly or monthly.

✅ Real-time sorting: On clicking 'Sort Now' button, collection will be sorted automatically at that instant of time

✅ Educational Content: The app includes educational content to guide users on how the sorting system works, making it easier for customers to navigate and utilize the features effectively.

✅ Performance Optimization: The app is optimized for performance to ensure fast loading times and a smooth user experience, even when dealing with a large number of products.

By offering these highlights and features, the app effectively addresses the challenge of managing sold-out products, maintaining customer interest, and providing a seamless shopping experience. It combines innovative sorting techniques with user-centric design principles to enhance the overall value it delivers to both customers and businesses.

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